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As a Veteran owned company, we do all that we can to help give back to the men and women who have served our great nation.  Currently, 60% of Acumen's team is either a Veteran of our armed services or has made a substantial lifelong commitment to public service.  We have adapted our own set of core values  based upon those devised by our armed forces and instill them in all of our employees and sub-contractors.

Our Veterans

There are many quality contractors across the United States.  These companies can offer good products and good services with competitive pricing. Beyond that however, is where these contractors fall short.  Acumen is very unique in adding a deep understanding of the operational side of the multi-family industry and market.  We understand things like vacancy loss, importance of on time delivery, how our flexibility is crucial to causing minimal impact to your residents, and how our presence on your property can have a direct impact on your web reviews. We will work with you on any size project to be sure it is a complete success for both you and your most valuable asset, your residents.

Why We are Different...

Acumen Investment Group was formed in 2007 in the heart of Washington, DC as a real estate investment firm specializing in renovation and restoration of historic properties.  Over the last 7 years, we have expanded our business plan into many different aspects of the multi-family real estate industry and put ourselves along with our clients in a position for ultimate success. 

In 2013, Acumen underwent a major overhaul of its administrative management and field operations software which included implementing cutting edge technology to simplify the overall construction and property management process while communicating every step of each project to our clients in a simple, visually appealing, web-based platform.


We apply sound principles of design using eco-friendly tools to deliver spaces that inspire. We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.

Who We Are...