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Consulting & Green Developmemt

We know the world is changing every day, and we make it our mission to keep up with it.  Cutting edge technology along with the initiatives of the Green Building Certification Institute and U.S. Building Green Building Council are changing the way we look at every project.  Big or small, as your contractor, project manager or consultant, we want to be sure you understand all of the options available to you.  Whether its for a project certification, tax credit, project subsidy or simply to help our environment, there are options for you.  There is a common myth that going green means spending more money.  It is simply not true, let us show you how and lets go green together!

Budgeting & Scope Development

Every year, all property owners and management companies create the following years budget and the scopes that are used to bid each project.  Let us help you inspect your property and work with you to come up with your budget next year.  Once we work together to get your budgets and long range performas finalized, we will produce detailed scopes and RFP (Request for Proposal) packages for you to send out to bid the right way.  We can also help you review the RFPs, select a contractor, monitor their work, do quality control inspections and be sure each project stays on or under the budget we helped you create. 

Due Diligence

Many of our clients are on the move buying and selling properties all over the country.  Acumen knows a meticulous Due Diligence process  is one of the keys to the properties eventual success.  Whether you are short handed with your in-house inspection teams, or you need a trustworthy and experienced source to inspect and report on your potential investment, we again have you covered.  Our teams can blanket a property within days to inspect major mechanical systems, do environmental reports, walk units, inspect exteriors and do overall assessments for any size property.  We can then produce our own extremely detailed reports, budgets, long range performas and photos to present the gathered data, or we can work with you to populate your own. 


One of the mort crucial components of a projects overall success is its design.  Weather its a simple remove and replace, or a empty space starting from scratch, professional design and options can help you in many ways.  From something as simple as incorporating sustainable maintenance-free materials, to moving walls, to a complete green redesign  that can earn you tax credits, we can help .  Acumen works closely with our architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers and interior designers to produce the best product for our clients, their customers and our environment.  We incorporate our own procurement programs to get your material and specialty services at the most economical costs.

Construction Management

Here at Acumen we take great pride in how we utilize cutting edge technology in conjunction with quality field personnel to manage projects of all sizes. We offer this service to our clients nationwide and act as your agent on your projects.  We will work with you starting from any point in project and see it through its completion.  As your representative, we will provide you with up to the minute reporting and 24 hour access of information through your own website portal which will include timelines, photos, daily reports, budgets, meeting recaps, documents and more.  We work with your people and your own contractors to be sure your projects are done on time and on budget.

General Contracting

Acumen is a full service general contractor serving the eastern half of the United States.  From major renovations to small capital expenditure projects and everything in between, we have you covered.  We have proven success utilizing a solid core of contractors to provide the markets most competitive pricing.  Some of the services we offer include interior renovations, masonry restoration, concrete, fire restoration, asphalt, along with ADA and MEP retro fits. We are also trained in the remediation of asbestos, lead paint and mold.  All of our projects are managed in house and we work closely with our clients to ensure their visions become a reality.

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